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Bringing​ You a Peace of Mind!​

SMB offers a list of services, mainly for Business owners and Management teams to choose from, depending on their various business needs. We offer ongoing services to existing businesses, seeking to structure or expand their businesses.

Are you ready for your Strategy Call?


SMB Consulting Services specialises in Strategic Planning and Management Services. We work with organisations in a collaborative approach to assess, diagnose, offer solutions and even implement new visions with the aid of the implementation team.

How do we do it?


Listening and Organizing is our prime priority at SMB since we seek to build trust with you and your team. In order for us to fully understand and analyse your organization and your needs, we provide undivided attention throughout each process.


Our consultants are competent in identifying information to clarify your situation. This is done through questioning, observing resources and by seeking perspectives of individuals within your organization.


We intervene by using structured activities among individuals and groups to improve task performance, team-building and organizational effectiveness.


Evaluation is the 'icing on the cake'. SMB Consulting ensures that before our collaboration is over, your desired outcomes have been met or on track.


SMB provides leaders with the guidance and support to improve and sustain their organizations through brainstorming, coaching and advisory services.

What our customers are saying

I would highly recommend this business to family, friends and even co-workers. In addition, I am thrilled to continue an excellent rapport with SMB!

Jessica R Harte

Trained Graduate Teacher

Associate Degree in English Literature and History

Bsc in Literature in English

Diploma in Education

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