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As a Business Coach

If you need guidance in your business, do not hesitate to hire SMB Consulting Services. Just do it! You will LOVE their attention to detail.

I have worked with a consultant for the better part of two years and I can safely say that she is an amazing Mentor and Business Coach. She understands that business is founded upon communication and being able to communicate your thoughts properly, is central to being an effective leader.

One of their strengths, in particular, is teaching excellent business skills. Sometimes you may have roadblocks when it comes to wanting something in business but not sure how to go about getting it. You may have goals and visions that bounce around in your head. They are great at pointing you in the right direction.

On top of that, my consultant is a wonderful human being, very respectful; she communicates very clearly and is always your biggest advocate. Every client that she works with raves about her and I am no different. You will LOVE working with SMB!

~ Shakita Payne, Make Up Doll Cosmetics


Over the years, I have seen working tirelessly with young entrepreneurs, helping them to turn their dreams into reality. Through their expert advice and knowledge of the industry, they can help you get started or make valuable improvements to your business.

~Lisa Fenty, MSc., PMP

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